Chills or Thrills

“I am too positive to be doubtful. Too optimistic to be fearful. And too determined to be defeated.”

Hello Readers,

How do you respond to competition?  Are you an individual that embraces the thrill of competition to fuel a desire to push yourself beyond your limits?  Are you an individual that perceives competition as a dampening factor that hinders your performance?  My experiences have revealed that I am an individual that perceives competition from both perspectives.  The situation being experienced is what determines my reaction to competition.

From an elementary age I was constantly compared to friends, students, athletes, and family members in most aspects of life.  Growing up my mindset taught me as long as I was better than enough friends, students, athletes, and family members in my parents’ eyes, I was successful.  I would be fulfilling their desires to provide a better life for me, I would make my parents proud.  It did not occur to me until recently that throughout my life I was always compared to others but, never against myself.  I believe that it is more difficult competing against yourself rather than competing against others.  The paradigm shift to compete against yourself rather than others can be difficult to grasp if an individual has not developed a habit for it.

I believe that the effects of a competitive perspective that involves only yourself is far more effective than a competitive perspective involving yourself and others.  At the end of all competitions is a concept of winning and losing.  In my opinion the concept of winning and losing is both on physical and psychological.  In my mind I am a winner as long as I am progressing forward regardless of the physical outcome.  Furthermore, I view myself as a loser when I begin taking steps backwards or coming to a stagnation point in my life.

In closing, I would really like to hear about your individualistic perspective on competition and how you react to it.  As always thanks for reading and for stopping by.


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