A Diamond in the Rough


Welcome Readers,

Imagine having a treasure map, how would you feel?  Excited to find out what buried treasure awaits you?  Maybe its money, the secret to life, or maybe eternal youth?  How would you feel about the treasure when you find out it will take you at least five years to accomplish all the steps to get to the buried treasure?  Now you may begin to think if the treasure is really worth it.  What would you do then, follow the map or get rid of it?

In a similar situation, have you ever imagined how you want to be living your life a year from now, or perhaps five years from now?  Afterwards, do you think about all of the different action steps you must take in order to get to that vision?

These two examples are simple examples of reverse engineering.  I think that this process should be applied to every situation.  This helps with planning, guidelines, and accuracy when determining which course of action will result in the best possible outcome for you, myself, and others affected by a decision.  This is similar to having the ability and drive to look past all the dirt that you need to dig through to get to the buried treasure.   The caveat to this process is persevering, making sure that you are not straying from your benchmarks until you reach the goal, and delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification is what stops people from realizing true potential.  Many people would much rather get instant gratification: a quicker paycheck, faster gym results, and have their dreams handed to them.  For some its hard to grasp but, with enough time, effort, dedication, risk, and faith anybody is capable of achieving a vision they set for themselves.

Below is a gallery of one project I’m starting the year with that signifies the beginning of my real estate adventure.

Thanks for reading.


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