Rain, rain go away or pour all day

” THE ONLY REAL CONFLICT YOU WILL EVER HAVE IN YOUR LIFE WON’T BE WITH OTHERS BUT WITH YOURSELF “ Welcome back readers, Rainy days are such an inconvenience.  I drive slower, feel more sluggish, imagine warmer conditions, and lose motivation.  Conversely, rainy days provide me the best conditions to self reflect on decisions that … Continue reading

A Diamond in the Rough

“DEVELOP SUCCESS FROM FAILURES.  DISCOURAGEMENT AND FAILURE ARE TWO OF THE SUREST STEPPING STONES TO SUCCESS” Welcome Readers, Imagine having a treasure map, how would you feel?  Excited to find out what buried treasure awaits you?  Maybe its money, the secret to life, or maybe eternal youth?  How would you feel about the treasure when … Continue reading

The Reset

“Fear melts when you take action toward a goal you really want” Happy New Year Readers, Do you recall a specific experience in your life that could have panned out more favorably?  This specific experience makes you say, “If I could turn back time, things would have gone better.”  I shared this experience during a … Continue reading

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