Should have went to VEGAS

“Retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties.  AND at the same time confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

Hello Readers,

Do you remember that anxious feeling that overcame your body during your first trip to Las Vegas with your buddies?  What about all the vibrant lights that light up the restless nightlife of Las Vegas?  Do you recall the constant ringing of casino slot machines going off as you walk through the hotel?  I was briefly reminded of these experiences when it was jokingly suggested during a road trip out of San Diego for real estate business.

Many important points were covered during my road trip out of San Diego however, one point that resonated within me was motivation, passion, and drive.

What is your WHY?

My “why” initially was similar to everybody else, MONEY.  Money drives everything, and cash is king.  I later learned that money was not my true motivator.  money is merely a tool needed in most situations to accomplish tasks, better position yourself financially, and to enjoy luxuries.  My true motivator is to share, create, and influence value in all aspects of life.  After I found out what my true motivator was, I changed my attitude, mindset, and outlook on life.  My attitude includes a passion that has me waking up saying, “I love what I do everyday.”  My mindset holds a desire to eliminate the unnecessary actions that have not worked for me in the past and concentrate on the actions that have produced results while exploring new innovative approaches.  Lastly, my outlook on life revolves around the concept of how I perceive life through my eyes.

Thanks for reading, have you discovered your personal “Why?”

Here are a few pictures during my road trip out San Diego to expand our real estate business


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