10 Ways to Spot Authentic Leaders

10 Ways to Spot Authentic Leaders.

“You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit”

Hello Readers,

Leadership qualities are highly regarded and are sought out in many industries because of their impact on businesses, and individuals.  Many people say that leaders are not born, they are made and I agree with them.  Furthermore, I think that every person is a leader even if it was just for a moment to influence another person to make a decision.

Leaders convey many characteristics such as assertiveness, authoritative, intelligent, and a commanding presence.  Most individuals have not developed these characteristics and find it difficult to implement.  People may be certain that in order to be a leader they need to develop a laundry list of skills and characteristics to become a leader but, I think people truly need just two.  The two significant characteristics that make a strong foundation to every great leader is PERSONAL HUMILITY and PROFESSIONAL WILL.  These two characteristics were described to me as, “Level 5 Leadership” while I was reading Good To Great by Jim Collins.

Through my own experiences, I implemented these two characteristics along with a few other personal characteristics to create a unique style of leadership that I feel resonates with every friend that I come in contact with.

How do I spot authentic leaders?

I assess authentic leaders through my personal experiences with them.  I try to use my best judgement on how they communicate, how they carry themselves, and how genuine their motives are behind their actions.

How does authenticity develop in a person?

Authenticity is developed through personal humility.  Personal humility develops authenticity because it reveals the degrees of an individual’s need to be constantly learning, not arrogant, and willing to share knowledge which conveys how genuine they are.

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