Hello world!

Welcome Readers,

“Strive not to be a SUCCESS, but rather to be of VALUE”

My name is William Capistrano Jr. and I’d like to personally thank you for stopping by.  The vision for this blog is to create a hub that highlights my personal experiences, readings, and   perspectives that will bring value to each reader.

Today is the end of my first week as a full-time real estate investor, again.

I first got interested in real estate when I heard that it was the reason why my friend had a big house, her father was a real estate broker.  However, that idea was quickly disregarded while I was trying to survive high school and growing up in a traditional Filipino household.  A few years later, two of my close friends approached me with the idea of investing and we talked about stocks, bonds, and of course… REAL ESTATE!  Our plan was to pool our money to invest in stocks and bonds to build up cash in order to invest in real estate.  After a few months of following our stocks and bonds we stopped because progress was too slow and college life became increasingly difficult for each of us.

My next encounter with real estate was a result of one of my close friends, again.  This time around we began taking a few real estate courses that included basic essentials to investing in real estate, creative real estate investing methods, and renovation business models.  Turns out, you don’t need money to start invest in real estate!  We tried implementing some of the information that was relevant to us and had a tough time trying to break into the real estate market.  It wasn’t until we started working alongside a renovation company in San Diego that we scored our first deal.  I had only been interning with the company for just three months and with their help along with the information we learned, got a great  real estate deal with no money invested.  We then tried working the real estate market ourselves and found a few more deals.  Later that year, it became difficult to sustain real estate investing full-time and I eventually picked up a full-time financial services position.

After almost two years of financial services, I decided to approach the renovation company I intern’d at to give real estate investing another try.  Over the course of my first week, I was able to secure strong positions on a handful of properties and set up a deal developing a few parcels to build single family houses and multi-family units.  The results of this week look promising in the upcoming weeks as the company is positioning itself to do big things in the real estate industry in San Diego.

Thanks for reading and look forward to big things in the real estate industry in the future.


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